Since I was on the subject of night summer bass fishing, I have to bring up this one trip. Yes we caught fish this night, but something happened that I’ve never seen before.
Romel, Paris and their crew chartered us for stripers. These guys usually fish up the river and north shore, but make it down to us in the summer months. This was an evening trip towards the end of August. The night chunking was very consistent at this time. We were out just about every night, catching our limits and more on most trips. This night was no exception.
We started off chunking blues, about 30 of them. Once it got dark we started picking away at keeper size bass, but smooth dogfish (sand sharks) were becoming a nuisance. When chunking bunker in the summer months it’s almost impossible to avoid these sharks. Once we get to a 5:1 ratio of sharks to bass I usually consider a move. I think we were at 10:1 by the time I picked up anchor and ran away.
On the next drop the dogs weren’t as bad and we started picking at bass. Once the tide slacked, stripers piled up under the boat, feeding on our chum. At this point we were catching them very well, releasing over the limit. We had 1-2 bass on at all times, and this is when it happened.
Angelo was fighting a fish all around the boat, getting dragged from the side to stern of the boat. I didn’t think anything of it because Angelo had interesting techniques at times smile emoticon As I stood waiting for the fish to surface to scoop up with the net, I saw 2 fish come up at the same time. I assumed there was a tangle so I scooped up both fish in the same net. Once they were on the deck I realized that both of these bass were on Angelo’s one single line. What happened was that one fish was hooked, and the other had the leader line wrapped around the gills. When you get 2 bass on 1 hook you know you’re on them pretty good. That’s something I won’t soon forget.

Romel actually caught this moment on his phone video camera. Check it out below.