Here’s something that doesn’t happen every trip. This past November, longtime regulars Pete+Steve, along with Czechoslovakian Pete and Les chartered us for a full day split trip. Bass + Tog were on the agenda. We caught a bunch of fish this day, but there are some days that we don’t catch well. I will get to that in future recaps. I didn’t want to start my first few recaps with no fish because you guys would think we kind of suck.
We started off bass fishing which had been a pick for several days prior until this point. A ‘pick’ is just a few fish here and there, keepers and shorts. On a scale of 1-10, a pick would be about 3-4.

On this morning we had gusty northwest wind which always seems to turn fish on. When we arrived on the scene there was birds crashing the water for a mile, and excellent readings. Almost every cast of a shad or plug and we hooked up. It didn’t take long to catch the limit a release a few.

It was only 9:30am and we were off to the tog grounds with our limit of stripers on ice. We had plenty of time to blackfish before it was time to head back in. We put out our 2 anchors, snugged them tight, and sat there until 1pm. The blackfishing was steady. Not super fast action, but we caught our boat limit to 10lbs. Czechoslovakian Pete had the big slob using the infamous ‘dildo rig’ tipped with a white crab (white-legger for the Jersey folk).

So now it’s 1pm and we’re heading back in a little early with a limit of tog and bass in the box. There had been some jumbo blues around ambrose channel on a few prior days, but it was hit or miss. Some days we saw birds working and read them, other days it was void of life. We cross this area on our way in, so it was no big deal to check.

This crew is no stranger to jigging blues. They are regulars on the Flamingo party boat in our area. This boat has a cult-like following of crazy bluefish jiggers, and these guys are some of the best. As we were heading back I could see a few boats in the bluefish area, and as we got closer I saw all the birds working. The guys scrambled to put on their jig of choice. I think most had Bobby Spencer’s 7oz gold crocs. These things work great.

It was an absolute insane, savage, non-stop action bite with the biggest blues that our area has to offer. Every rod bent at the same time, drags peeling, working rods under + over with fish crossing lines… Mayhem! Even I grabbed a rod and joined in on the action. End result was a boat limit of jumbo blues along with the bass and tog limit. The Trifecta!

Some of you might be wondering what these guys are going to do with all of these fish. Pete and Steve are part of a church soup kitchen that feeds the less fortunate. What better to eat than organic, free-range, non-gmo, bunker fed, super fresh fish?! The nuns were happy that day.