I’ll make this one quick. This day falls into the category of “that’s fishing”. We had 2 charters this day. This was mid-late june and we were targeting larger ocean bass. Those big fish come in waves from the south and range in size from 30-50lbs. These fish also have a beautiful purple hue to them that the local bass lack.
On our morning trip we fished huge bunker schools all morning, miles of bunker! We ended up with only 3 keepers this trip, and they were smaller local fish in the upper teens. We tried everything in the book but they didn’t want to feed which is typical when targeting these big fish.
Larry chartered us for the afternoon trip. He’s been coming with us for the last 5 years and always brings new guys along, usually fishing newbies. As we headed out, I told Larry and the guys how slow the morning was and was preparing them for a slow bite. In the back of my mind I thought the bass might feed since we didn’t catch in the morning. I couldn’t say that though, it would set us up for failure.
So we arrived at the same bunker schools as the morning trip, same location, but only now they looked more active. They were getting pushed by bass. Within minutes the water erupted. Boiling 30, 40, and 50lb fish. This is the pinnacle of bass fishing in our area. When these ocean bass feed it’s usually for a short time and extremely intense. It truly is an awesome site to see. I’m never able to catch a good photo of it because I’m usually in a state of panic as we hook up simultaneously with huge fish.
A couple of these guys never went bass fishing before and had no idea of the caliber of fishing that they were experiencing. I think after they saw Felix and I getting so excited they knew it was something special. We were swimming bunkers out on the surface and as soon at it got 20 feet from the boat there would be a huge splash, and lines were tight. Eventually these fish went down, but we were able to bunker spoon more using our Tony Maja gear. End result was 16 bass to 46lbs, and every one of them over 40lbs. Best size average that I can recall, ever!