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Full Moon Fishing

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There's a term that scares the crap out of me. It's seemingly a universal understanding that the full moon magically turns on the bass bite in many areas. During a full moon phase one can always read a bunch of hot fishing reports from popular bass areas which were baron just days before. We get [...]

That’s Fishing

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I'll make this one quick. This day falls into the category of "that's fishing". We had 2 charters this day. This was mid-late june and we were targeting larger ocean bass. Those big fish come in waves from the south and range in size from 30-50lbs. These fish also have a beautiful purple hue to [...]

Two Bass on One Hook

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Since I was on the subject of night summer bass fishing, I have to bring up this one trip. Yes we caught fish this night, but something happened that I've never seen before. Romel, Paris and their crew chartered us for stripers. These guys usually fish up the river and north shore, but make it [...]

Unpredictable Fishing

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One of the reasons why I like bass fishing in our area is because it's unpredictable. There are times when bass are everywhere and feeding aggressively. When it's like this, they are perhaps the easiest fish to catch. As they continue with their migration, and the population in our area thins out, things can get [...]