There’s a term that scares the crap out of me. It’s seemingly a universal understanding that the full moon magically turns on the bass bite in many areas. During a full moon phase one can always read a bunch of hot fishing reports from popular bass areas which were baron just days before. We get much higher and lower tides during the full moon. This results in faster currents, changing water temps, moving baitfish, churned up substrate, and a migrational trigger response that all migrating fish seem to have.

In our area, depending on the time of season, we have large populations of migrating/ spawning fish, as well as local ‘residents’. Fish that come from the south and make their temporary home in Raritain Bay, Jamaica Bay, and surrounding ocean area. Also a big body of fish that pours down into the same area from the Hudson river. The “NY Bight” area is a central hub for stripers.
As the water warms, most of these fish will make their way toward Montauk and Massachusetts, only to return as the water cools in the fall. Much of these migrating moves are staged around ‘moon tides’. There is however, a portion of fish that remains in our area. We refer to these fish as ‘Residents’, and this is the body of fish that we target through summer months.

It’s not that I don’t like fishing the full moon, It’s just that it changes things. We are out everyday and are usually catching bass. A full moon will only throw a curve ball into our game. There are times, however, when the fishing is slow and we look forward to moon currents to bring us more fish. That was the case with this trip.
Adam and his buddies called me up to go night bass fishing on the night of the July full moon. The bassing had slowed at this point, but these kids were eager to go so we gave it a shot. It’s always great to see a young crew that loves to go fishing. It’s not that common these days.

We anchored up with an hour of daylight still left. Several prior trips didn’t have bass action until we were in total darkness, not the case this trip. We didn’t even get all of the lines out and we were hooked up. For the next 2 hours it was steady action with bass on at all times. These kids were having a blast catching and releasing, and Felix and I were having fun watching it happen. This July full moon brought in a body of fish that set us up for the whole month of August. We had better bass fishing this summer than I can recall in the last 8 seasons.