Barefoot with bass dorsals on deck, never a good idea but it seems damn good right about now. This was a fun trip for Joe Bean and the boys. These guys can make a fun time out of any situation, when we catch fish it’s an added bonus.
This was an early summer afternoon charter (the morning fishing was very good). Bunker were loaded up just about everywhere but we opted to ocean net to have bunker with more slime, since we were fishing in that area. After bunkers sit in the livewell for a while they lose slime and scent. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, they’ll eat anything. Sometimes it’s the difference between getting your bunker chased, or having it inhaled. I know a few fisherman that wear latex gloves while handling bunker to better maintain scent. These guys catch fish but, not enough to make me hand out latex gloves on our charters.
After netting bait we took a short ride to where we caught the fish in the morning and they were still there. We drifted bunkers on the bottom and immediately had every rod bent. We boxed up the boat limit quickly and played catch and release for a while. At this point we were catching them on the surface as well as the bottom. Given the option I alway prefer a surface bite. In general we catch smaller fish on the surface, but watching the strike is priceless. You get to see how aggressive these predators are rather than only feeling your line get tight.
By the end of the tide jumbo blues invaded. Since no one was going to eat them, and everyone was barefoot, we shook them off while they were next to the boat. The blues made short work of our remaining bait so we headed home just in time to beat a quick summer rain. I love that smell.